Since when does the NBA player pick and choose there coach? And besides that D-Will couldn't stand playing for Sloan here in Utah. D-Will is just like any other over paid cry baby NBA playe wholesale jerseysr. Just keep your fricken mouth shut and do your damn job.

D Will played soft in the playoffs, now he is talking about a tough coach cheap jersey. Tough players don't need tough guys coaching them to play inspired ball. I like Jerry Sloan.  He was my choice to coach the Lakers when the job came open. Mitch Kupchak just wouldn't listen to me cheap jerseys for sale, so now he is on early vacation.

I think Sloan would go back to Utah before he coached D-Will again, just my gut feeling. Maybe players get better attitudes with age or maybe they end up like Marbury. But I don't know how much he misses coaching so maybe he'll take a shot. I think Sloans coaching days should be over. Actually, they should have been over after the first 15 years or whatever it was in Utah. I can't see nets jersey teams having a strong interest in this guy.


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